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Aim And Scope:

• To publish the quality research works online received from all the branches of studies.

• To generate interest and curiosity about knowledge among the researchers.

• To provide the excellent platform to scholars and boost their confidence in research and development in Higher Education.

Epitome : International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (ISSN : 2395-6968) May 2015
1. Editorial Board

Epitome : International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (ISSN : 2395-6968) has an editorial board. The members are eminent scholars in their respective fields. Their full names, designations and email ids of the members have been provided on the journal’s Website Our journal has provided contact information at for the editorial office for further assistance.

2. Authors and Authors responsibilities

Charges required for manuscript processing are clearly stated at as Guide for Authors. The manuscript for submission can be made through Authors are obliged to participate in peer review process. All authors significantly contribute to the research. They are obliged to read the manuscript, provide the corrections of mistakes, references. No financial support is made to them as it is an academic process of reviewing articles. The copyright form signed, passport size photo are taken as a declaration undertaking forbidding to publish the same research in more than one journal.

3. Peer-review process

All of EIJMR content is subjected to peer-review. Advice is obtained on individual manuscripts from reviewers’ expert in the field. Their judgments are objective.

4. Publication ethics

The publisher and editors of EIJMR prevent the publication of papers where research misconduct occurred. All precaution is taken before the publication of the manuscript is made online. 

5. Copyright and Access 

Copyright and licensing information has mentioned at As it is an open access, no fees is charged for the readers online. It is free of cost for the scholars to promote research globally.

6. Archiving 

All the content in this journal is preserved, indexed and safe. Archive is presented in the form of Volume 1/2/3... & Issue 1-12 for each calendar year. It is available

Principles of transparency and best practice:
7. Ownership and management

Dr. Pramod Ambadasrao Pawar works as the Editor-in-chief and publishes the scholarly works online at whereas it is owned by Mrs. Bhagyashree Pramod Pawar. This information is displayed at 

8. Website

The content in this journal is useful to all the researchers at the international level. The care has been taken to maintain high ethical and professional standards.

9. Publishing schedule

Epitome : International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (ISSN : 2395-6968) is a monthly journal. It gives colour print copies quarterly to the contributors of research papers to the journal by post.

10. Name of the journal

Epitome : International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research  ISSN : 2395-6968

About the Editor-in-Chief - Dr. Pramod Ambadasrao Pawar

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